Kerim Schaber

Kerim is a disciple of 5.generation Yang Family Inheritor Zhao YouBin. He started the Academy in 2009 and has been practicing a variety of martial arts since 9 years of age.Wushu is my passion and life, I travel to China 4 times per year to connect with my Taiji Master,  Brothers and Sisters


Master Fong Lee

At 73 years of age Fong is a s passionate about Wushu as when he first started playing with sticks as a Child, he has a wealth of knowledge valued by prominent martial artists all over the world.

Peter Harvey

Pip is a keen practitioner with a dance background. Not long after starting she managed to claim a first price in a sparing competition. Loves forms and Xing YI.


Andrew Towler

Andrew Towler, has practiced many martial arts he now has a passion for Kung Fu and realises the benefits of the flowing movements of Taijiquan. He loves attending tournaments and brings home a few to many medals for his wife liking.


Ian Tolnay

Ian Tolnay, became an assistant instructor in November 2016. He has been practicing Kung Fu for much of his life including studying in China for 6 month in 2015.