Kung Fu Sanda

This a sparing class where techniques learned in class can be practiced in a controlled partners combat situation.

Kung Fu Forms

A strong component of all martial arts, this is the blue print o learning a martial arts like Kung Fu. Forms are a way of learning to remember techniques and training the muscle memory.

We practice many forms including empty hand and weapons forms. a variety of broadswords and double broadswords (chun chuan, taiji, and xing yi), straight swords including taiji and xing yi, spear, staff, daggers and more.

Health Kung Fu

all of kung fu is good for your health, this is where we focus on flexibility and meditation as well as taiji.

Adult Kung Fu Fit

General kung fu practice includes strength, fluidity, flexibilty and stamina. This is the main body of your Kung Fu training attending this class will improve your overall health and kung fu skills.

Kids Kung Fu

a fun filled environment for kids to nurture the future of Kung Fu.

Taijiquan (Tai Chi)

Learning traditional Yang family Taijiquan or as many know it as Tai Chi. Taiji is a part of wushu and is recognised as one of the three internal styles of Kung Fu. It is challenging and rewarding and could be viewed as moving meditation. Of course taiji is a martial arts and therefore practical and will eventually give you the skills to defend yourself against an attacker.