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Tai Chi

Tai Chi, a demonstration of traditional Yang Taijiquan at the Sydney Chinese New Years festival of the rooster 2017, Martin Place Sydney NSW Australia.

It was great to be invited to perform Tai Chi at Martin Place. Also directly in from of Customs House by the Sydney City Council for the Chinese New Years Festival of the Rooster 2017. We are definitely back in 2018 for the Year of the Dog!! Looking Forward to perform a variety of Dao, Jian and Fan.

This Year will be an exiting Year for us as we are officially launching the Australian arm of the Yang Zhao Taiji Association. To top that Master Zhao will be in Australia with his Son and Granddaughter. He will launch the association and hold a three day seminar on Yang Taiji.

Please feel free to call me on 0488568818 to book for the seminar 15th, 16th and 17th of April 2017. It will be the most comprehensive teachings on Yang taiji you have had to date. Master Zhao is arguably the most experienced Yang practitioner in the World today.

Zhao Bin

Master Zhao Youbin’s father, Grand Master Zhao Bin(1906-1999) is the fourth generation of the Yang’s Taiji. His maternal grandfather Yang Chengfu (Yang Chengfu was the brother of Zhao Bin’s grandfather Yang Zhaoyuan), who is the shaper of Yang’s Taiji. He had taught and passed on the essentials of Taiji to him since his childhood.

Zhao Bin graduated from the Famous Huangpu Military School as a student of the 6th training period. He had taught Taiji since 1950s in Xi’an and founded the Xi’an Youngnian Yang’s Taiji Association. His students are now all over the country. Zhao Bin is a well- acknowledged super master of Taij in China.

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