HEALTH KUNG FU – TaoKungFuAcademy

HEALTH KUNG FU – TaoKungFuAcademy
Kerim Schaber – head instructorKerim Schaber – head instructor

HEALTH KUNG FU – TaoKungFuAcademy

Tao Gung Fu’s Health Kung Fu class is a fun and unique way to improve your fitness, reduce stress and become the best you. Expect a challenge to the mind and body!

Including traditional and contemporary Tai Chi and Qigong/Chi Kung as well as meditation, posture correction and rehabilitation stretching, Tao Gun Fu’s Health Kung Fu class incorporates a variety of stretches to mobilize the body and generate freedom of movement in three aspects of the body; physical, energy and mind.

Tai Chi works by gently moving and stretching internal organs and related meridians while Qigong delver deeper targeting specific meridians with movement, breath and meditation; using unique techniques to activate deeper states of mind.

While all of Tao Gung Fu’s programs incorporate these aspects into the classes, Health Kung Fu specifically focuses on these aspects.

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