Master Fong Lee – instructorMaster Fong Lee – instructor
Kerim Schaber – head instructorKerim Schaber – head instructor
Ian Tolnay – assistant instructorIan Tolnay – assistant instructor

ADULTS KUNG FU – Tao Kung Fu Academy

If you are looking for a complete martial arts system in the Hornsby area that maximises the physical and mental skills of self-defence, you’ll find it at Tao Gung Fu! You will get in shape, learn practical self-defence techniques and manage stress in a fun yet challenging way.

Perfect For People Of All Ages And Fitness Goals!

Tao Gung Fu’s Adult Kung Fu classes in Hornsby will develop speed, power, endurance, flexibility and balance. Kung Fu offers the added benefit of self-defence utilizing great range of punches, kicks, joint-locking, throwing and grappling.

The first weapon can be learned after only 4 months of training, includes weapons training in traditional kung Fu techniques from northern and southern styles. Weapons used will include:

  • Short Staff
  • Long Staff
  • Broadsword single and double Taiji and Wushu
  • Daggers
  • traditional yang straight sword
  • Throwing Knives

If you are ready to gain the strength, stamina, flexibility and peace of mind that comes from learning Kung Fu Martial Arts and self-defence input your information in the request box on the side of this page.

Benefits of Tao Kung Fu Academy Adults Kung Fu


  • Improved Confidence
  • decrease Stress
  • Increased Energy At Home & Work
  • Learn Practical Self-Defence
  • Learn Important Leadership Skills
  • Increased Physical Fitness & Weight Loss
  • Improves Mental Ability

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