Taijiquan 85 Form corrections

Taijiquan 85 Form corrections

Tai Chi Seminar – TaoKungFu

A follow on seminar on this years April workshop (by Master Zhao) on the 85 form. Coming up is going to be an exiting seminar hosted by Yang Zhao Taiji Association Australia.

You will have three disciples working with you to improve your 85 routine. we will be correcting each posture and help you improve to the next level.

The date is still to be organised but expected around September 2017.  Please let us know if you can attend.


The soft internal emphasis of this style complements vitality and a healthy body. Studies have been undertaken in Universities all over the world documenting the many benefits of this exercise. 

Practising this martial style to a high proficiency will lead to highly advance body awareness and has proven for many practitioners to be a superior form of martial arts.


Zhao Bin and the Yang family 

Grandmaster Zhao YouBin’s father, Great Grandmaster Zhao Bin (1906-1999) is the fourth generation of the Yang Family. Yang ChengFu was the brother of Zhao Bin’s grandfather (Yang Zhao Yuan). Yang ChengFu is the shaper of Yang’s Taiji, had taught and passed on the essentials of Taiji to him since his childhood.

Zhao Bin graduated from the Famous Huangpu Military School as a student of the 6th training period. He had taught Taiji since 1950s in Xi’an and founded the Xi’an Yongnian Yang’s Taiji Association. His students are now all over the country. Zhao Bin is a well- acknowledged master of Taiji in China.