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With a little encouragement from a few students Tao Gung Fu was formed in January 2010. The first 6 month we trained at a council run property shared with a variety of other activities including sewing and retired women playing cards. Then in July 2010 an opportunity arose to have our own exclusive training hall in Hornsby. Since then we have occupied the upstairs section of 97 Hunter Street at Hornsby. From shaky start we now train a mix of traditional weapons and empty hand forms as well as Traditional Young Style Taijiquan, QiGong coupled with basic acrobatics. Of course strength exercises complement the various Kung Fu techniques. Training in a safe friendly environment learning these authentic age old traditions, students are nurtured and encouraged to develop confidence and high skill levels. Understanding that martial arts training can be intimidating at first, be assure that at Tao Kung Fu Academy your safe. Your training progression is only limited with the time you invest and progression you make. At this academy we are all friendly and train to appreciate the arts. At Tao Kung Fu Academy you will be taught predominately by Kerim as the head instructor. Teaching is part of learning therefore advanced students are encouraged to participate in teaching under his supervision.

  • Testimonial
    Peta Carter, Business owner

    I have never written a review, and never felt compelled to, but this has been a life changing decision for me, one that I wish I made sooner. I strongly felt that I wanted to start martial arts but was adamant that I find the right teacher, style and environment, after a long time searching, I found this at Tao Gung Fu. I feel energised, stronger, more disciplined and have improved and surprised myself since only joining less than 6 months ago.

  • Testimonial
    Valerie Carter, Asquith

    We tried one class of Tae kwon do, one class of karate and one class of kung fu.  When we tried Tao Kung Fu, we felt at ease. Kristian felt welcomed and responded well to the teacher, Kerim, who made the effort to engage with him. Kristian was delighted with his first kung fu class and wanted to join straight away and decided to attend as many classes as he could. He is already setting himself some personal goals and is currently working towards his white sash.  

  • Testimonial
    Laurie Keller, Admin

    Kerim is an outstanding instructor with a vast experience in the fields of martial arts, therapy, healthy living and beyond. His classes incorporate aspects of strength building, flexibility and meditation,which essentially motivates his students to develop a better sense of their own potential. Kerim is deeply vested in the learning and progress of everyone he meets and is an inspiration for self improvement.

  • Testimonial
    Taran Ahamprema, High school teacher

    Training at Tao Gung Fu has been a life changing experience. Master Kerim's method of strengthening one's foundations and flexibility in a holistic way is a rare find in this quick-fix world. Training is always relaxed,safe and fun as he always encourages us to compete with no one but ourselves. Its amazing to see that fitness can actually increase with age!

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