Tao Kung Fu Academy

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The complete martial arts system on the upper north shore of Sydney Australia. Practice with the whole family, learn traditional Kung Fu as well as Tai Chi, Qigong (Chi Kung) and self defence.

A perfect way to get fit and stay active. Learn a traditional discipline and achieve your health goals. Become confident and develop skills in traditional Chinese martial arts.

You can chose from plenty of classes and have private lessons on  request on most days or evenings. We keep class numbers low, to achieve maximum results for students. We teach aspects from a variety of Kung Fu styles from the northern and southern regions of china. As well as Chun Chuan, Xing Yi. The academy fosters strong discipline in self development and encouraging to lead by example.

You will practice in a challenging but always rewarding environment. Your age is only limited by you ability to move. Kung Fu incorperates many basic skills for all levels of fittness. No matter how old you are you will benefit.

Children need to be able follow direction and it is beneficial to know left and right as well as front and back. Your Children will  learn to teach  and become responsible for themselves and each other as well as support each other.

You will learn to use weapons within a short time. Gradings can be done when you are ready. Public gradings are held monthly to help individual progression. You will expect to grade every 3-4 month provided you attend 2-4 lessons per week and take some time to practice on your own.

Yang Zhao Taiji