Kerim Schaber – head instructor

Kerim Schaber – head instructor
Disciple of Master Zhao YouBin (5.generation inheritor of Yang Family Taiji)
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A intuitive and skilled fitness trainer. Disciple of Master Zhao YouBin (5 generation inheritor Yang Family Taiji). Kerim’s passion for the Chinese Martial arts inspires him to continuously seek and develop his skills.

He liaises with Masters and Teachers from Australia, the US, Europe and Asia. Kung Fu being his passion and life work but he has a keen interest in a variety of martial arts and healing disciplines.

Coming from a small town in Germany there was no opportunity to train in martial arts. His first lesson in martial arts was at a Judo school around 25km away when he was around 8.

Being fascinated with Bruce Lee, as so many of are and watching old style Hong Kong Shaolin movies he used to practice the forms in his room. Moving to north Queensland he rejoined Judo then over the years experimented with a variety of styles.

His true passion of course is with the original martial arts, Chinese Wushu.

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